Glimmering Isles: When Worlds Collide

The Trials are Passed!

Perspective: Aley
I don’t like this place. It’s dark and smelly and hot death is all around. Can we go somewhere else, Brumbrum? This is the way out? Brrrrbrbrbrbbrbr.
Ooh, little lizard things. You guys are arguing. They’re gonna wake up. Hi lizard guys! Eck, lighting ball! Nyyyeeeuuh! Eat that, lightzard! Oh yeah, we bad.
Weird mechanical sounds coming from the other wall. Juice comes out with the prizes! Yay! …Wait, that’s blood? It got on me ewewewewewewewewewew
Frank? Well, you’re rude. I’m gonna call you Rude. Or Rrrrrde. Rolls off the ale. I don’t think the music’s bad. It’s happy! Happy dance! I got in the blood again ewewew
We’re leaving? Stop moving so fast big rock man. I’m losing suds! Huh? I’m bigger? Weird.
Yeah, you keep chasing Rrrrrrude. Brumbrum and I are going down the road.

Perspective : ???
This tainted human is roaming through the forests. As if the soul stealers weren’t enough. Let’s go, boys! Kill it before it multiplies!

Perspective: Ghor’luul
Candles wander the forest of shadow. Their embers have faded in storage. Perhaps these candles can bring light to this land and overcome the claws that reach throughout it.

Perspective: Concord
Sniff, sniff…
Is that smell?!
Smell! Bipedal, smell!
Hmm? Where…
Sniff, sniff…
Sniff, sniff…
I found it! Yayayay!
No, I found it! You were just holding it.
Come along!
Yeah! I found it!
Oh, gotta sit down first. Oof.
Now! C’moooon.
Okay! We’re going!
Big smelly place!
I sit here, yes!

Initial Chronicles: Entry One

Unwittingly collected from the memories of various participants in the world, this chronicle is a collection of the unusual adventures that travel across the Glimmering Isles.

7th day, second fortnight, sign of the Caprine, Year 386 of the Third Era.

Perspective: ???
Ah, so that is where she has been concealed all of this time. It seems that vessels have been kept here to preserve their minds and emulate their original bodies. I wonder what manner of creature designed the labyrinth in which they are now encased. Clearly, he intends to test the mental fortitude of these time-flung humanoids just as much as their ability to overcome puzzles. The skeletons were a simple task to extinguish with the aid of nearby metallic traps. They easily avoided a potentially dangerous hallway by solving a laughably basic riddle. Hmm…
They seem to have been sent back to restart the test. Perhaps their current number is insufficient? I hardly see how a child and a silver-haired human are going to make it easier. The two seem to dislike the giant and his modified companion, while at the same time they seem more accepting of the Wildman and his elven princess.
They pass quickly through the trials once more until they arrive at the famished felines. …What are they doing? Why do they not simply eliminate the felines and move on? I see, the Wildman has a soft spot…
…and boy did that soft spot boil! Even I didn’t know the room would so easily be engulfed in flames. While the Wildsman and child are scarred, it seems no permanent damage has been dealt aside from the Wildsman’s knapsack. Interestingly enough, his… flammable companion seemed to avoid the heat entirely. It seems they are a bigger threat to themselves than the challenges in this labyrinth.
Ah, it appears they are settling down for the night. I believe that means I am out of time to monitor them.


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