This is the timeframe used to determine which year it is. When referring to timeframes that are from before the current era, Humans typically use the term “Before Third Era”, or BTE, and count in reverse from the date.

Table of Contents

1. Year
2. First & Second Era
3. Third Era

1. Year

On Oerth a year is divided into twelve months, with each month assigned to an animal. The months are named as follows:

Number Sign Season/ Major Event
1 Rodent Winter
2 Bovine Spring
3 Feline Spring Equinox
4 Lagomorph Spring
5 Dromopod Summer
6 Serpent Summer Solstice
7 Equine Summer
8 Caprine Autumn
9 Primate Autumn Equinox
10 Avian Autumn
11 Canine Winter
12 Porcine Winter Solstice

In addition, each month is split into two fortnights, and each normally has around fourteen days . The full moon appears in the middle of each month and the new moon appears during transitions between months. If there is a discrepancy between the calendar and the lunar cycles, the fortnights will change in size to adjust to the lunar cycles.

Dates read as such: 8th day, 2nd fortnight of the Equine, 386 TE
Abbreviated dates read as such: 8/2/Equ/386 or 8/2/7/386

2. First & Second Era

It is unknown what specifically occured to distinguish these eras. What is known is that Elves declared the end of the Second Era upon the slaying of the orcish prophet who led the savages during the Savage War.

3. Third Era

It has been 386 years since the marking of the Third Era. Humans have grown and overwhelmed the other races in numbers, and they are now the predominant surface race.


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