Glimmering Isles Campaign Setting

The Glimmering Isles is a game that, under the rule set provided by the 3.5 Edition D&D, provides a unique spin on the world of Oerth.

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On Oerth, deities are effectively nonexistent, arcane magic permeates the air, and all of the humanoids are closely related. The only known land amongst what appears to be an endless sea is the tropical region of Arkland. Wherever the travelers in this tale have ended up after escaping the trials of Chuckles, the present weather is significantly more frigid.

Many of Oerth’s civilized races are young, but their natural proclivity of cooperation and magic usage has led to a very advanced setting. In all areas, mundane technology reflects that of the early European Renaissance. In some of the areas with heavier arcane influence, technology is used in combination with magic sources to create modern conveniences.

Glimmering Isles Campaign Setting

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