Table of Contents

1. Basic Description
2. Public Services
3. Craft(magitech)

1. Basic Description

Magitech, or magic-infused technology, has become a common sight in the more urban settings of Oerth. Using the marvels of engineering and a custom-tailored magical conduit as a power source (typically a charged crystal), these devices have the capability to mimic many marvels of 20th-century Earth. The technology is made using Craft(magitech), and the crystals are created using Craft Wondrous Item. Because these crystals need to be regularly charged in order to function, heavy use is generally limited to the upper class.

2. Public Services

Public services that utilize Magitech currently include the following goods and/or services:

  • To meet the needs of those that lack the inherent ability to cast magic, vending machines that dispense non-aggressive cantrips placed on paper cards. These runecards typically cost 15 GP each and have a caster level of 1. Some areas may have more powerful runecards, but such products are heavily regulated.
    • The runecard is activated by crushing the card and whispering the spell’s name (somatic and soft verbal trigger). The card is consumed upon use.
  • Public transit: At designated areas, larger cities utilize scheduled public transit through underground transportation systems. For a few silver, an individual that is carrying no illegal or restricted items can zoom across the city.
    • If these suffer problems, it generally requires a trained magician to fix it, as it can be recharged with the teleport spell. To create a new one requires use of the greater teleport spell
  • Emergency transmissions: Each household has access to two crystals. When either is thrown against the ground, it releases a distress message to one of the receiving crystal towers placed within a mile of each other. The distress crystals immediately send a distress pulse, then wait 18 seconds to receive a spoken message before sending another pulse. These towers have the means to engage in active, two-way communication. While the receivers all get routine maintenance, the households must each file paperwork to receive a new one. Those seeking to possess more than two such crystals must pay a hefty premium for each additional crystal.
    • These crystal’s pulses can be recharged individually by utilizing the alarm and message spells.

Craft(magitech) (Intelligence)

While this skill is generally used in conjunction with the Craft Wondrous Item feat, it can also be used for the following purposes:

Skill Check DC Time Required Purpose
10 10 minutes Safely remove a magitech component
15 1 hour Safely replace a magitech component
15 1 hour Perform a diagnostic test to determine functionality problems
20 10 minutes Salvage a non-functional piece of magitech for components
20 1 round Force a piece of functioning magitech to trigger its effects
25 1 minute Jury-rig a piece of magitech to accept an unfamiliar crystal
25 1 minute Rapidly replace a magitech component
30 1 round Force a piece of nonfunctional magitech to destructively trigger its effects


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